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The air conditioner is one of the most important resources for every house in summer and on a sunny day. And if we talk about the best AC dealers near me then, of course, the brands like Blue star, 5star window AC, Daikin AC, Daikin AC, Daikin FTKM, Haier, Havells, Hitachi 1.5 ton, five-star AC. 

Blue star 1.5, Ton 5 star window AC is available with 100% copper, 2022 Model under white color, with having energy efficiency ratio of 3.4 and then it is a window AC which is economical and easy to install.

the dealers provide you the capacity of 1.5 ton which is suitable for 150 to 170 square feet about the energy day then Blue Star is a five-star air conditioner with having annual energy consumption along with this manufacturer provides you one year warranty. he pure India appliances specialized in air conditioner repair in Delhi.

If we talk about another AC dealer then it is the Voltas which is having the 1.5-ton capacity and provides you with three star split inverter air conditioner, with an anti dust service which it provides. 

Another major AC dealer is Lloyd provides you with the facility of LED display clean air filters, self diagnose, and environment-friendly functions. These dealers also provide dehumidification. 

AC dealer provides you the  Window AC with a noninverter compressor smart and elegant design to suit your office and home interior requirements. Also, it provides a warranty of 1 year.

AC dealer

Haier  is another AC dealer near me  with having 1.5 Ton capacity and with 3 star split AC, it is having the special feature of antibacterial cooling dust filter and the humidifier which is the rare function you will get anywhere.

it is having the seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 3.55 the split AC with cooling in extreme temperature of 54 degree celsius it has been design and develop using hype performance compressor capacity you can find 1.5 ton which is suitable for the medium size room.

even along with the energy rating of 3 star with having energy and only consumption of C7 32 k construction under the warranty of one year with 6 year on compressor the AC come with hundred percent group copper that gives better cooling and require low mental and talk about some more special features then this AC comes with up to 15 m long at extreme temperature of 54 degree Celsius and super anti-corrosion technology and instant chill , Haier refrigerant gas 32 that is environment friendly with no ozone depletion potential.

Haier is a best seller rank as well you can see its rating under the top 100 dealership rank.  Functions of air conditioner which the AC dealer are providing are a function of water softener provided by pure India applying so it minimizes breakdown and reduces repair expenses keep devotees of good as new ensure the clean pure and healthy drinking water high-quality water softener repair high-quality reason for the efficient ion exchange process. 

Panasonic air conditioner is having approximately a coverage area , under 4 years. Compressor and also is the best dealers near me and Japan’s number 1 company.

Daikin air conditioner than it is having a feature like the 5-year warranty on PCB 10 year warranty on compressor anti-corrosion treatment of outdoor heat exchanger the stabilizer free operation some new dual flap lowers anti-microbial filter new good step of timer with 24 hour which is the most seeking features in any air conditioner by the client.  Daikin is an Eco-Friendly refrigerant which is especially of it the temperature display and good sleep of timer self-diagnose.

Daikin FTKM is having a capacity of 1.5, with a 5-star rating, with indoor and outdoor model availability. pure India appliances provide the best Daikin brand under swing compressor with auto start, on/off timer, sleep mode annual power consumption, and self-diagnosis.

All these are the top AC dealer near me who provides the best services and the client feedback that they get is the most satisfying. 

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