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Luminous lion 1250 sine wave it is one of the best inverter dealer near you which provides you the best battery inverter and luminous dealers provide you here is New age technology as gone are the days of clumsy inverters and batteries because luminous has succeeded in creating one of its kind battery entry gated inverter so let’s power your house without any clutter it also provide the powerful lithium battery and forget about power cut as this integrated battery. Pure India appliance provides you with these dealers’ products and services with no compromise. 

The dealers provide you the best battery and the efficiency with the faster-charging speed and 15% more efficiency than a lead acid battery another feature is lightweight and compact with the dimension going down to Mayor food is Inverter Dealer will be a staple of elegant design and efficient organization in your house interior along with the high load capacity and safe and secure as well safety is always, the main priority for luminous and this inverter is no exception with no acid, no breakdown during wire and you can be sure to enjoy its power without any another issue.

Inverter Dealer

Another feature is a high-definition LCD display which the dealer is providing you with a clear vision from which you can keep track of backup time charging time and UPS mode and 15 % more efficiency. 

Free installation dealers provide which take care of the entire installation process without any extra charge luminous comes with a 5-year warranty for both Inverter Dealer and battery only on manufacturing defect warranty is only applicable when installation is done by luminous service and its package inclusion includes 1 per unit inverter with inbuilt lithium-ion battery and one unit instruction manual com warranty card. Some functions are Prevent breakdown, improve efficiency, high-quality repair, washing machine repairing services at home. 

Livguard were inverter LG 900 is one of the best Home inverters in the market and it’s designed to suit the needs of all household appliances which is kept with artificial intelligent charges the dealers provide you other features like it include inbuilt battery gravity builder and Inverter Dealer battery deep discharge protection and it also can run multiple home appliance with ease and have longer backup time as well. It is having capacity of 800 V A 120 direct current voltage under a warranty of 3 years along with the artificial intelligence charging with pure sign wave output and LED display intelligence charging the dealers provide you a range of inverters that can run multiple appliances as well.

 The Inverter Dealer is providing the best service network in Delhi Gurgaon Manesar, Binola,  Dhruvahira, Bhiwadi, Bawal, and Rewari day provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their clients.

 Inverter Dealer always make sure that there each visit includes all the services which include installation repair and maintenance also the engineers are dedicated to saving life electronically and securely within the seven days of service available and a true cleaning of the dash.

Luminous is having  Eco Watt Neo 1050 square wave inverter, with square wave technology and capacity of 900 VA, rated power of 756, along with high charging 

Luminous video live home pure sine wave inverter provides LED display for status of power backup and the battery charging time in hours and minute it also provide protection overload deep discharge, short circuit,  reverse polarity, and input mains protection through MCB the dealers also provide the automatic temperature controlled by an input frequency and the best battery system like the single battery which support white battery range.

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