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The best choice is the O general which keeps your comfort in mind generally. O GENERAL AC Dealer accumulated over the years to develop and design high-quality environment-friendly air condition which provides exceptional comfort to the customer the company’s long-standing policy it also provides split AC which conserves the energy and provides comfort in the door environment while being an environment friend and air conditioner that is people friendly is also environment friendly and o general from the large living room to the bedroom they make the room more comfortable with a wide range of air conditioner types for ceiling wall and with automatic filter and cleaning function that conserve electricity.

Another type is window  O GENERAL AC Dealer which is a window air conditioner that results in high performance and is realized even at high outdoor temperatures by using a new refrigerant and mountain large heat exchanger and a new efficient rotary compressor it provides. 


he pure India apply it specialized in air conditioner repair in Delhi and it provides the best dealership of O General air conditioner installation and its services as the best pure India appliance experts are ready to face every type of air conditioning system by repairing all the major brands involving the  O GENERAL AC Dealer branch of household and commercial air conditioner with having first factor and mine according to the demand of the people near to the window or the split AC.

 A general air conditioner can cool the room even in the frigid temperature of minus 15 degrees the best part is that it is not using a heating element like a conventional heater which means they are not much more energy efficient than the dedicated heaters but also an eliminator is of low oxygen and a typical problem with the ordinary heater o general is one of the best AC brands which is non for schooling and good at its power efficiency  O GENERAL AC Dealer.

O general AXGT18AATH has a capacity of 1.5 tons with 3-star window AC which is available even at rupees 33000 and it consumes energy at 1800 Waat which has to save your money for the electricity bill. 

Air conditioner repair home service the high-quality repair by qualifier service engineer improve in the efficiency and it provides from the background breakdown pure India appliances having a solution for all common problems the most common phase issue or not uncommon to them no matter where you bought your washer we have prepared to repair it pure India appliances numerous brand and provide its quality service to the clients  O GENERAL AC Dealer.

 O GENERAL AC Dealer coming different types like window AC and split AC that can be bought for home office schools and other places. These air conditioners have a study built of noise-free operation and are easy to install as well o general is a Japan-based air conditioner company and one of the largest air condition companies of India is well o general in terms of highest power consumption.

the best even it is cold the highest in total room cooling effect test then the blue star Panasonic and Godrej Hitachi is known as hydrochloride for 1 is the gas which field in air conditioner this is the most common refrigerant that is commonly used in air conditioner and 22 is the refrigerator of air conditioner and it is better than chlorofluorocarbon however to the environment. 

Pure India Appliances is having the best service network in Delhi Gurgaon Manesar Finola, dhruvahira, Bhiwadi ,Bawal and Rewari day provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their clients.

Pure India appliances always make sure that there each visit includes all the services which include installation repair and maintenance also the engineers are dedicated to saving life electronically and securely within the seven days of service available and a true cleaning of the dash.

 O GENERAL AC Dealer comes with an inverter star energy rating which uses less energy and maintains desired temperature without switching off often more over the air conditioner consumes 1480 what these modes control the cooling capacity.

 O GENERAL AC Dealer 24  FHTC Is having capacity of 2 tons with 3-star window AC, it is having power resource has scored did electric and if we are talking about a special feature then it is an anti-dust filter with the sleep mode the dealers of o general provide you a warranty of 1 year and 5-year warranty on compressor.

Copper for best in class and energy efficient cooling with easy maintenance whereas the special features the dealers provide like an anti-dust filter, sleep mode, turbo mode, and auto restart are the special feature of o general air conditioner.

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