Aquaguard Reviva – 50 LPH Basic Water Purifier


Type of Product : Water Purifier
Model : AquaguardReviva – 50 LPH Basic
Purification Capacity : 50 LPH
Power Consumption : 75 Watt
Voltage : 230 V AC
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  • RO Membrane (Thin Film Composite): 80 GPD x 4 Nos.
  • Filtration stages /cartridge: Particulate Filter Membrane Life Enhancer Filter->Sediment Filter-> Pre Carbon Filter-> RO Membrane Filter-> Post Carbon Filter
  • System Operating Voltage: 48 & 24 V DC
  • Operating Temperature: 5? C to 45? C
  • % of Recovery of Purified Water: 20-25%
  • % of Rejection in TDS: 90% (Approx.)
  • RO Membrane Flushing: Auto Flush @ Every Start, Every Stop and Every One Hour of Working -for 1 minute



  • 6 Stage Purification Process
    Equipped with the revolutionary Reverse Osmosis technology and 6- stage purification process.
  • Higher Capacity
    Aquaguard REVIVA Institutional Reverse Osmosis water purification System uses special membrane elements, which produces higher quantity of treated water, ensures faster and continuous supply of water
  • Micro-biologically Potable
    Makes water both chemically and microbiologically potable by reducing hardness. TDS, heavy metal contaminants and by removing waterborne pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • Self-Cleaning System
    This ensures superior and effective membrane performance by auto flushing every hour.
  • Efficient After-Sales Service
    Aquaguard Pure Chill is backed by the prompt and efficient after-sales support of the Eureka Forbes network, comprising over 100 exclusive service personnel across the country



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