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Ro or reverse osmosis is the priority of every house rivers osmosis is a water purification process that removes iron unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water and makes water fit or suitable for your drink. 

Aquaguard Enhance NXT, Aquaguard Magna, Aquaguard Regal, Aquaguard UTC, Aquaguard Superb, Kent Excellplus UTC, and Kent Grand are the important and best RO dealers which provide you the best services as well even the best dealers you can find at Pure India appliances.

It is like an aqua guard in hence providing you 10 l capacity along with an installation kit which material is made up of plastic under the warranty of 1 year if we are talking about Kent Excel Plus UTC then it is having 7 l capacity with having ultraviolet service to kill the bacteria of water will having power consumption of 60 watts along with food grade plastic.

Not even this only free installation is provided on this product by the manufacturer for requesting an installation or demo you can also contact to the customer care support directly waiting close the water purifier the installation kit and the user manual if we are talking about technology then in a single rivers osmosis you can get ultraviolet and TDS meter. Its purification capacity is 15 l per hour.

RO dealers provides you a fitness component for league-proof performance under the warranty of 1 year.

Aqua guard regal dealer provides you best category of reverse osmosis which you can use in your office in your house and at every place, it has a capacity of 7 l which includes an installation kit as well it provides you the warranty of 1 year and it is covered with the plastic.

RO dealers

You can find Kent 50 mph water purifier in white color with 50 l per day capacity which has been covered with the plastic and thinking 50 mph water purifier provides you ultraviolet system it is having the size of 36 into 24 and along with mineral cartilage with 48 volts and TDS controller.

YKK RO system Private Limited is the manufacturer of the Ro system. RO dealers are having the best service network in Delhi Gurgaon Manesar Binola, Dhruvahira, Bhiwadi, Bawal, and Rewari even all over India, dealers provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their clients.

 Aquaguard revival 50 lph is the basic water purifier with 50 l capacity and 75-watt power consumption.  This brand provides you a low membrane with filtration stages life enhance filter recurved filter postcard filter and with the system operating voltage 48 and 24 voltage direct current.

The operating temperature 5 degree Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius and if we are talking about a feature then there are 6 stages purification process which is involved in this aquaguard reviva 50 lph brand which the RO dealers provides you along with the various specification that is the purification process which equipped with revolutionary reverse osmosis technology.

The 6-stage purification process along with higher capacity aquaguard reviva institutional reverse osmosis is having a water purification system that uses a special membrane element that produces a higher quantity of treated water and ensures a faster and continuous supply of water.

the RO dealers is also providing you microbiologically portable by reducing hardness TDS heavy material contaminant and by removing water pathogenic and microorganism, not even this only the RO dealers provide you self cleaning system and the efficient after-sale service under the cleaning system the dealers, in short, you the superior and effective membrane performance by auto flushing every hour aquaguard fill is back by prompt and efficient after sale support of Forbes network comprising over 100 exclusive services personal across the country.

pure India applying always make sure that there each visit includes all the services which include installation repair and maintenance of these dealers’ RO dealers also the engineers are dedicated to saving life electronically and securely within the seven days of service available and a true cleaning of the dash.

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